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Farm systems and driving revenue – Pip Gale

Pip starts the session by outlining some key factors that we need to reach broad agreement about with regard to dairy productivity and profitability. “Can we agree that”…. 1) The three bottom lines of animal welfare, environmental and economic sustainability are created by the management of biological production systems. 2) Cutting all costs contravenes point

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Transition Feeding – Sue Macky

Sue Macky discussed the challenges she has come across and highlights areas to focus on during transition feeding in an interactive session. She bounces from nutritional aspects to animal behaviour and cow comfort, to the animal health challenges. Sharing the key components, she looks at and emphasises the importance of going back to basics and

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Transition cow diets and phosphorus – Pip Gale

Pip scene set this presentation by proposing that we are hit with “data overload/decision paralysis” around what to do with options facing us regarding transition cow management programmes. “Winning” with regard to good outcomes from excellent transition management means limiting the of incidence of metabolic disease to <1%, supporting optimum DMI through understanding the “HOT”

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