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The Dairy NZ lameness calculator – Katie Saunders

Katie Saunders, previously worked with Dairy NZ, shared an overview of how the lameness calculator functions. The cost of lameness is beyond the inital drop in milk production. Katie shares how lameness the short term pain relief NZARN members a copy of the presentation is available below if you are logged in. Non-members looking for

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New science in facial eczema, Dr. Emma Cuttance

Dr. Emma Cuttance from VetEnt shares the latest New Zealand research information that has been carried out for the passed several years focusing on facial eczema. She showcases the impact of GGT levels on milk production and the risk of high GGT levels in consecutive years. Emma shares the impact of zinc delivery methods on

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Ketosis is the Response, not the route cause

Ketosis is a metabolic challenge that can occur for a number of reasons. Ian Sawyer lead a detailed discussion on these metabolic changes that occur over the transition period, how ketosis can be an outcome and how to mitigate ketosis. Ian dived into the factors that can influence dry matter intake post calving can come

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Positive welfare and good life opportunities

Katie Saunders, Animal Care Team Developer, DairyNZ Things change over time, animal welfare is no different. Over the years there has been more clarity as to what positive animal welfare looks like. The five freedoms of animal welfare have been defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council: freedom from hunger and thirst, freedom from discomfort,

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