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Optimising Dairy Farming – Ministry for Primary Industries Farm Systems Change Case Studies

Jane Davidson and Albert Hanson presented a summary of the Farm Systems Change Dairy initiative. This project aims to close the gap between top performaing dairy farms and the
rest of the industry. MPI is working alongside top performing dairy farmers to understand how they have improved farm performance and producivity.
While each farm in the study was different, a number of themes, principles and practices have been identified that can contribute to the discussion about how to enable more dairy
farmers to improve their environmental, animal welfare and financial outcomes.

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General Meeting – August 2018

The most recent NZARN meeting was held in Auckland in August 2018. It was well attended with 33 members and 4 guests. There were scientific and technical presentations on feed quality, rumen health and dairy production, as well as some important industry updates.

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Mycotoxins in forage: not just a grain issue – Dr. Tim Jenkins, Biomin

A world mycotoxin survey has shown how widespread mycotoxins are in both grains and forages.  Feed samples can now be tested for up to 700 different mycotoxins.  Models for predicting risk are being developed which take account of weather (temperature, rainfall, humidity).  If high risk is predicted, this could lead to earlier testing or more

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