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OverseerFM – What is new, and the path ahead Alastair Taylor, Overseer Ltd.

OverseerFM is an online software that connects farmers to science to support sustainable farm businesses that protect the environment.

OverseerFM is built on 30 years of science. The OverseerFM model has been updated to make nutrient budgeting more user friendly, and puts the farmer and the farm at the centre of the discussion. Overseer predicts the nutrients needed to maintain soil fertility to existing production levels, identify Nitrogen and Phosphorus losses, and determine the likely impacts of changes in management practices on farm systems and land use. OverseerFM also reports atmospheric losses for greenhouse gas, methane and nitrous oxide.

OverseerFM has been adapted to meet the needs of all of the potential users; from educational tools for resource management, to on farm decision making, to high end science and research. The new focus is on the farmer as the user to assist them to make more informed decisions.

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