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Animal Welfare and Nutrition – serving up the fifth domain. Mandi McLeod

Mandi McLeod is an international consultant on animal welfare in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Mandi holds international certification from the Professional Animal Audit Certification Organisation (PAACO), and is a Cow Signals® Master, and is trained in animal sentience for expert witness testimony. Mandi has been involved with the expert review panel for

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Silage Fermentation, Trish Lewis

Trish is a consultant nutritionist based in Auckland, New Zealand. With an Honours degree in Agriculture from Nottingham University in UK and gained many years’ experience working in the UK dairy and animal feed industries before immigrating to New Zealand in 1997. After working as a nutritionist for Nutritech for 4 years and as a

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The Real Cost of Inflammation. Dr. Megan Abeyta

Dr Megan Abeyta recently completed her PhD under the supervision of Lance Baumgard focused on the impact of inflammation. To set the scene, Dr. Abeyta outlines the importance of the GIT in every animal. With 70% of the immune system located in the GIT, any damage to the protection barrier throughout the track can lead

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Energy Prediction from Feed Supplements. Dr. Bill Weiss

Dr. Bill Weiss is a Professor emeritus of dairy cattle nutrition at The Ohio State University. He worked extensively in the areas of minerals and vitamins on cow health, forage, feed evaluation and methods to incorporate variability into ration formulation for dairy cattle. Dr. Weiss has published more than 140 journal articles and 450 proceedings

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Energy Efficiency of Grazing Ruminants – Stacey Gunter

Stacey focused on techniques for measuring energy efficiency to calculate Metabolisable Energy in grazing cattle and explained a new method that is measuring energy efficiency in the field, using an automated head chamber system that measures methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen in the breath of animals as they put their head in a trough to

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Processing the Solids – Gary Waghorn

Processing the Solids Physical aspects of digestion; rumen mixing, and what happened to the solids? Variation between animals in digestion Metabolism stalls for measuring digestion Data from tirals with fodder beet Dairy farming in Beijing NZARN members a full copy of the presentation is available below if you are logged in. Non-members looking for more

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