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Enteric Methane and Feeds – Arjan Jonker, AgResearch

Methane (CH4) is mainly formed in the rumen (87-92%) by methanogens which utilise microbially hydrogen produced in the rumen during fermentation of ingested feed. CH4 from animals is measured via gas exchange using flux methods like respiration chambers and marker methods in research trials and is expressed as production per time, per unit of intake (yield)

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Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from NZ pasture-based livestock farm systems – Sinead Leahy, NZ Agricultural GHG Research Centre

NZ has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). This is due to NZ’s commitment to the Paris agreement. The target is a reduction in GHG by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030. Companies such as Danone, are moving more quickly than governments with more aggressive targets to reduce GHG reductions. NZ is unique

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Calf Rearing Conflab

In July 2020, several of our members connected for a ‘Calf Rearing Conflab’. NZARN members a full copy of the presentation is available below if you are logged in. Non-members looking for more information are encouraged to use our ‘contact a nutritionist’ form and ‘member directory’ to find a member who can help them answer their questions. If you

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Annual General Meeting

Our 2020 AGM was held during the dynamic of the Covid 19 Pandemic Lock Down. To get around this challenge, our meeting was successfully held using the Zoom platform. It was sad to see Trish Lewis retire from the secretary position. She has been a pivotal part of the association, keeping the committee on task

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