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Can we have our cake and eat it too? – Designing systems that meet multiple bottom lines. Ian Williams

Nutrition is just one component of the wider farm system. Ian Williams provided a ‘big picture’ view of on-farm requirements around environmental requirements. The importance of profit remains central to all farm businesses when systems change to address future legislative requirements. Ian demonstrated how alternate land uses may feature in the future including annual maize

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Management for improved fertility and lifetime productivity in grazing dairy cows: latest NZ research – Claire Phyn, Dairy NZ

Claire Phyn, senior scientist at DairyNZ presented about an 8 year research programme funded by MBIE and NZ dairy farmers through DairyNZ Inc. It aimed to provide management and genetic solutions to improve cow health, fertility and longevity. Claire reported about 1. Effect of carbohydrate type (starch vs fibre) on reproduction 2. Hyperketonaemia (subclinical ketosis) and 3. Feeding synthetic zeolite pre-calving

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Ketosis is the Response, not the route cause

Ketosis is a metabolic challenge that can occur for a number of reasons. Ian Sawyer lead a detailed discussion on these metabolic changes that occur over the transition period, how ketosis can be an outcome and how to mitigate ketosis. Ian dived into the factors that can influence dry matter intake post calving can come

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Can ruminant methane be reduced by genetic selection, vaccines or feeding seaweed? Garry Waghorn

Gary discussed three methodologies currently being worked on as mitigation strategies for methane reduction: Genetics Certain sheep have been identified as having low methane emisions. These are also sheep whtat are low yielding so there is a trade-off with performance. This is explained that lower performance comes from lower VFA production so less energy for

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Overseer Modelling Case Study – Alastair Taylor

This active run through of Overseer included demo software that was not public at the time of the session. Alastair takes a step by step approach to showcase how the FM programme functions, what information to put into each section and the latest in easy to use features. Highlighting that in the “Overview” section there

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